Stuck in Limbo

The Internet is flooded with memes making fun of paranoid 20-something year olds, the seemingly adult humans who, in actuality, are pretty much unaware of adulthood. If there’s anything the Internet got right, it is those listicles that people can ‘relate’ to, especially if you belong to the category that subscribes to Buzzfeed News. Not to mention AJ+ and the like. Yes, this is our life – Instagramming and Snapchatting it away. But some of us have something more: some of us lead successful romantic lives, some of us are married with kids, and yet some of us have actual, salaried jobs. The lucky ones have at least two of the above, and luckier ones have garnered all four. Think what you may of that. But this post is for those who have none.

This post is for those who have applied for so many jobs and failed – wondering when Jennifer from LinkedIn will finally give us complete free access to all those acclaimed skills. There are also those people who will ‘like’ any post on LinkedIn which announces 100+ jobs in any required field, and there are no statistics available to tell who secured a job that way. There are people who have edited and re-edited their CVs and résumés in the hope that something magical will happen this time – only to receive no reply from any company or firm. This post is for all those people who are happy and content with the tiniest and the most insignificant happenings in life – a casual WhatsApp conversation with a friend, a couple of likes on their Instagram post, or something of the like.

This post is also for those hopeless romantics who have either never been in any romantic relationship or been (or are) in a truly rubbish one with no future. It is for those who have regretted their decisions and somehow feel that their actions are the reason why there is no hope for them at all. Those people who suddenly enter an existential crises, who feel after college that they are a liability to the world at large; that they have done nothing great in life. If you think you are any one of the above, I have only one thing to say to you: hang in there. I am in it with you too.



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