Sherlock finale: episode review and highlights


“You see but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.” ~ Sherlock Holmes in A Scandal in Bohemia, p.3.


Every Sherlock Holmes fan – of both the books and/or the TV series Sherlock has repeated this line to seem smart and intelligent in a sexy kind of way, even though he or she is nothing more than a geek. That fan however, will also know that season four of Sherlock is also the last. Not that anyone official has confirmed it, but it’s quite obvious. I loved the last episode in general, but not quite how it ended. In an ending so cliched and banal, Sherlock S4 disappointed its fans to the point that a big chunk of us won’t even be waiting for  the official news. We know it. We just do. So we must talk about Mary’s narration.


This was how it was: Mary’s instructions on the CD were basically a narration for the ending. I guess it started off well, but it began to fade into the background – and I had to watch the ending again to know what Mary really was saying. Which was a waste of time because she didn’t really say much that added to the story. It was cliched, just like the scene where Sherlock and Watson run out of a building together. Mary’s narration had no hints or Easter eggs, no clues; just a vague tribute to the two best and wisest men she has ever known. The final problem though, is this. Mary has gone and therefore won’t be seeing Holmes and Watson again. Just like the Sherlock fandom.


Because I don’t want to be ending on that sad little note, there are some things which made the Sherlock finale an absolute delight.

The sister twist: who would’ve thought that Sherlock and Mycroft’s ‘brother’ might actually be a sister? To the average viewer, that is a great way to mislead audiences, but the Sherlock and Doctor Who fandom knows better. You don’t question Moffat. You just don’t. Like EVER.


The return of Andrew Scott: I was so excited to see Moriarty, sadly only to find out all of that happened five years ago. Still, he was kind of like the ‘saving grace’ of the episode and if it weren’t for him, it would be a rather grim finale. Everything associated with Moriarty is beautiful (yes I use the word beautiful for a villain; no regrets) because his sarcasm, his evil – and not to mention his taste in music- weaves a rather amusing tale of psychopathic desires to conquer the world.

And it wouldn’t be morally wrong to want to bring this man back from the dead.



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